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Pet Craft Supply Cat Toy Set – Multi Color cat accessories

Price: $16.29
(as of Nov 27,2021 00:10:24 UTC – Details)

The perfect collection of toys to stimulate your cats’ natural hunting instinct! Inspire your cats to chase, pounce and play while benefiting from exercise. Toys are made with various high-quality materials with fun accents such as string, crinkle, embroidery and, of course, our custom blend of catnip!

✅ FELINE-FRIENDLY: Variety of toys appeal to a cat’s instinct to hunt, chase, and play. Rainbow toy is also catnip filled for extra fun.
✅ INTERACTIVE: Strengthen your bond and interact with your pet through play.
✅ PET SAFE: Cat-friendly materials are non-toxic and odorless, ensuring these toys are safe for your pet.
✅ RELIEVES BOREDOM: Keeps cats mentally and physically stimulated for hours.
✅ ALL LIFE STAGES: Ideal for kittens, adults, and seniors.

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