Friday, September 24, 2021
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The Ultimate Guide to Designing, Prototyping and Mass Manufacturing your Product Idea

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The Ultimate Guide to Design, Prototyping & Mass Manufacturing Your Product Idea is the most in depth manual on turning your idea into reality, in existence! It was written with the intent of answering the top 10 questions we get from clients that call J – CAD Inc. ( wanting to start a new design project for a product idea.

It aims to save you countless hours spent researching things like: how to get started, how to 3D print something, how much does 3D printing cost, how to create a 3D file, how to make a mold, what does a mold cost, how to mass produce something and more all in one place. "How long, how much and what do I need to do" is basically what we try to answer for every step of the way.

Rather than call numerous companies, read endless blogs and watch hours of YouTube videos looking for your answers, you can learn every thing you’ll ever need to know about turning your idea into reality right here in this manual.

With over 15 years of design, prototyping & manufacturing experience making 1,000’s of parts, we will try our best to answer all of your questions by the time you finish reading the manual. Reading time is about 30 minutes.

Contact J – CAD Inc. directly to speak to someone about your project 1.888.202.2052 / /

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