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SunGrow Feeding Ring, 4×4 Inches, Floating Food Square, Easy to Install, Reduces Waste and Maintains Water Quality, Suitable for Flakes and Floating Fish Foods, for Goldfish and Other Smaller Fish

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Product Description

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Quick Solution to Fish Feeding Problems

Practical and effective, the SunGrow Fish Feeder Rings solve all of the common fish feeding problems. Loose, uneaten food scattered about your aquarium is unattractive and can create issues if it gets stuck in your water filter or pump. Without the floating feeders, fish food could get caught up in strong currents before your fish even have a chance to eat it. The feeder rings also solve the issue of bullying fish and finicky fish.

How To Use the Feeding Rings

The Square plate is the bigger one with 4 inch (10 cm) length and the Round plate has 2 inch diameter (5.5 cm), so you can use them according to your Aquarium Size.Determine the best position for your floating fish food feeders. If you have a large tank, we recommend placing them at opposite ends of the tank. Clean and dry the glass and the surface of the suction cup to ensure a secure stick.Press sucker gently against the glass inside of your aquarium, just an inch above the water line.Allow feeding rings to float atop the water and settle into place.Sprinkle your pellets, flakes or other floating fish food directly into the inner circle (or square) of the feeding ring.

Floating and Rotating Design

Specially designed to contain floating fish food, the Circle and Square Feeding Rings from SunGrow features suction cup suspension and automatic re-positioning. The lightweight, buoyant plastic feeders always stay afloat and automatically moves up and down with the water levels. Between the secure suction cup and the feeding ring is a rotating rod. This allows the floating feeders to bounce gently along with the water flow.

SunGrow Pro-Suggestion :

Fill the first ring with food so the more aggressive fish rush to eat. Then fill the second ring with food for your shy fish or specialty food for picky eaters.


Clears out Space without Affecting your Floating Plants!

Create a lively aquaspace with your favorite floating plants because these do not obstruct either the view or the feeder. Thus, your fish has a clear space to feeding and allows them to breathe in the open area.

food control portionfood control portion

Control Portions and Keep the Food Longer!

The transparent disk lets you know whether the fish feeder needs a refill or if there is enough food for the day. Please note if your tank hood has just a tiny opening for feeding, then the ring or square may not end up in a convenient place relative to the opening in the hood since the ring/square sticks out a couple of inches from the suction cup attaching it to the side of the tank.

community fish tank aquariumcommunity fish tank aquarium

Restrain Fish from Being Bullies!

Fill one square fish feeder and allow your more aggressive fish to dash over to eat. Once they are occupied, add floating fish food to a second feeding square for the more timid fish. This is, therefore, an ideal way to observe and bond with your fish community.


No More Clogged Filter!

These are pretty handy for feeding in tanks with a lot of movement at the water surface. The only time it may not work is if you have the water level high enough that you don’t have dry glass to stick it to. Since the food stays inside the ring, it helps in keeping both the aquarium and your filter clear.

Worry, your tank filter is taking away the food before your fish is full? Not anymore!

✔ PREVENTS FISH FROM BEING BULLIES — A great way to prevent fish in a community tank from being bullies is to use multiple floating feeding rings. Fill one square fish feeder and allow your more aggressive fish to dash over to eat. Once they are occupied, add floating fish food to a second feeding square for the more timid fish. Bullies can’t hog all the rings, so add as many as you feel necessary so all your fish can eat in peace.
✔ REDUCES DEBRIS BY KEEPING FOOD CONTAINED — By placing your pet fish’s food directly into the feeder square, it inhibits the flakes and pellets from floating into unwanted places such as the filter. A cleaner aquarium filter is far more effective at keeping your tank’s water at a higher quality level and reduces excess debris throughout the tank.
✔ FITS PERFECTLY IN A FISH TANK — At a convenient size of 4” x 4” (10cm x 10cm), the lightweight Square Feeding Ring for small fish from SunGrow is constructed of safe, high quality black plastic. It comes complete with a matching black suction cup to hold it securely in place. You also have the option of allowing the fish feeder to float freely along the surface of your freshwater tank or saltwater aquarium.
✔ SAVES FISH OWNERS’ TIME AND MONEY — Effective and creative, the Square Feeding Ring for your neon tetra, guppy, and goldfish is fantastic at saving money on excess food, maintaining high-quality water and reducing filter clogging. Placing your flakes into a specified area means that you can control the dispersal of food and more is eaten and less is wasted. Less stray food and filter clogs allows you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pet fish.

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