Friday, November 26, 2021
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Reptiles & Amphibians: An Augmented Reality Popup Book

Price: $19.95
(as of Nov 26,2021 23:51:00 UTC – Details)

A new and immersive take on the pop-up book is here! Get up close with all sorts of reptiles and amphibians. Every page comes to life with Augmented Reality (AR) when viewed through your phone or tablet. Simply download the free Augmented Reality app (FarSight XR) to see still images turn into videos and see diagrams turn into interactive 3D models. Narration is available for every page via the app, making it easy and intuitive for all ages to use. Try the app on the front and back cover images of this listing. Available for iOS and Android (not available for Fire Tablets). Works on iPads as well. Learn about frog anatomy with interactive 3D models that pop-up from the pages of this book. The educational, interactive and immersive content is a perfect treat for any home or classroom.

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