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Qudodo RGB Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support,11.2 x 9.3 in Mouse Pads Lycra Fabric with Non-Slip PU Base,Static,Breathing Cycle for Home Office Working Studying Games & Pain Relief (Black)

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Product Description

Qudodo RGB Mouse Pad with Wrist SupportQudodo RGB Mouse Pad with Wrist Support


Qudodo RGB Mouse Pad with Wrist SupportQudodo RGB Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

Qudodo LoGoQudodo LoGo


The purpose of Qudodo is to provide RGB players with an RGB-based gaming environment, so that they can proudly display and have a real comfort + gaming experience.

Qudodo electronic product equipment series.

Keyboard and mouse set

USB charger

Gmaing mouse pad

Computer USB speaker

Punk retro mechanical keyboard

Bluetooth pixel speaker

Qudodo RGB Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

Qudodo’s RGB wrist mouse pad can provide smooth and accurate mouse control, so that your daily use and office use are very smooth!

Whether you want to light up your desk, or you want a polishing pad with maximum accuracy and response time in your favorite FPS games and MOBA/RTS games, etc., ergonomic styling is of great benefit to your wrist , The slow rebound sponge makes your wrist more comfortable! Qudodo RGB mouse is a great choice for you.

Designed for home/office and game player users. Using Lycra fine fabric, it is very suitable for office work and games. Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivity.

11 lighting modes: 7 static lighting modes and 4 dynamic modes

RGB lights change color

Slow rebound sponge

Lycra fine cloth and non-slip rubber sole

Power-off memory, independent USB cable design

RGB multi-colorRGB multi-color

Using the latest Lycra fine fabric, optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivity, allowing you to have the highest accuracy and response time in daily use and games, the mouse sensor can accurately capture your movement,This is inseparable from the help of the Lycra fabric mouse pad, and every subtle movement can be captured.

Non-slip baseNon-slip base

The bottom is made of rubber with high friction. The bottom contains all kinds of gully, which is very stable in terms of anti-slip. It can be applied to marble table tops, wooden table tops or mouse pads can play a non-slip effect. Let you slide the mouse at will during use!

Slow rebound spongeSlow rebound sponge

It is made of high-quality slow-rebound sponge, which can effectively relieve wrist pain. The advantage of slow-rebound rubber sponge over gel is that it will not be damaged. Gel-like wrist mouse pads will leak out after a period of time,Causing the mouse pad to be completely unusable. The advantage of slow rebound sponge is that there will be no leakage problems, and the life span is up to 30 times longer than gel!

Color change buttonColor change button

Qudodo custom buttons, click to switch colors, there are a total of 11 modes for you to choose. Static effect, marquee effect, gradient effect,The attached data cable can be connected to the button interface.

RGB multi-colorRGB multi-color

Lycra Fine Fabric

Non-slip baseNon-slip base

Non-Slip Base

Slow rebound spongeSlow rebound sponge

Slow Rebound Sponge

Color change buttonColor change button

Multi-Function Button

✲✲[RGB colorful 11 Types modes] Exclusive RGB wrist mouse pad on the market, RGB seven-color magic wrist mouse pad, three RGB lighting modes: static effect (seven colors), breathing light effect, marquee effect. Tap twice to adjust the RGB lighting speed. Very suitable for RGB faith players, gamers and players who like cool.
✲✲ [Slow Rebound Memory Foam] is made of slow rebound memory foam with a fully ergonomic overall shape that keeps your wrist comfortable and is the perfect wrist and hand fatigue reliever for long time typists, gamers, writers and editors.
✲✲[Smooth, soft, durable] uses finely textured fabric to provide you with the most comfortable touch. The surface is very smooth, suitable for all mouse styles on the market (vertical, wired, wireless). Place your wrist on the soft memory foam, it will slowly rebound to your most comfortable posture, and will automatically return to its original shape when not in use, and will not deform even if it is used for a long time.
✲✲[Standard Size / Non-Slip Rubber Base]Mouse Wrist Rest (11.2*9.3*1.1 inch) fits perfectly on all keyboard, mouse and palm sizes. Ideal wrist mouse pad for laptops, desktops, Macs, etc. 2.5mm thicker textured rubber material prevents it from slipping on your desk, reinforced and positioned all around to ensure it won’t roll up or separate.
✲✲[RGB Faith/Quality Service]This mouse pad is the best choice for RGB faith gamers, gamers, who like to play games, who like computer RGB lighting must not miss it! There is no risk to buy now, we promise a free replacement or refund if there is a problem with the product, feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions, your message will be answered within 12 hours. Give you a pleasant shopping experience and after sales experience!


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