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Professional Toenail Clippers for Thick Nails for Seniors – Thick Toenail Clippers for Men – Large Handle for Easy Grip + Sharp Stainless Steel – Best Nail Clipper…

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Product Description

toenail clippers for thick toenailstoenail clippers for thick toenails

Are you or your elder members in your family disturbed by the following problems? Thick nails, paronychia, ingrown toenail fungus, nail deformation, dead skin calluses nails, trimming nails inconveniently due to arthritis ……

However, by the use of traditional nail clippers with small handle and narrow opening, the ingrown nails can not be trimmed and the thick toenail can’t be put into it. It is not easy to clean and causes infection…

All this ends after meeting RONAVO toenails…

toenail clippers for elderlytoenail clippers for elderly

Podiatrist Recommends Toenail Clipper


Seniors with inflexible jointsMen with thickened and deformed toenailsFungal paronychiaIngrown toenailsPeople with diabetes

Thick Toenail Clippers For Men

Thick Toenail Clippers For Men

Toe nail clippers for men

Toe nail clippers for men

 toenail clippers for thick nails for seniors

 toenail clippers for thick nails for seniors

podiatrist toenail clippers

podiatrist toenail clippers

Accurate Trimming

We designed the RONAVO professional toenail clippers to be held at natural clipping angle, allowing you to see where you’re cutting and preventing painful nicks and cuts along the way.Each blade edge is finished by hand and is the last step in our 18-part manufacturing process. This ensures the blades meet cleanly and require the lest effort possible to get a great clip.

Large Toe Nail Clippers For Easier Gripping

The 3.9-inch rubber-coated handle has a curved design that fits your palm. Don’t worry about sweating the palm, the long handle will not feel tired. Won’t feel cold when used in winter.

About RONAVO Toenail Tools

Quantity of tools for pedicure:Included 1*Toe Nail Clipper , 1*Leather CaseColor of precision toenail clipper:black handle and silver stainless steelMateialof ingrown toenail clip: rubber handle and surgical grade stainless steelHandle Lengh: about 3.9 inOpening Width: 0~0.32 inTotal Lengh: about 5.28 inPackage of Ingrown Toenails Treatment: perfect clear bag

How To Use

Before using RONAVO thick toenail clippers to trim nails, soak the nails with warm water for 5 minutes, softened nails are easier to trim Clip small sections of your nail at a time – do not use entire surface of blade to cut nail in one clip After use, ensure the ingrown toenail tool are clean, and avoid cross-infection of fungi. It is recommended to use alcohol to wipe the nail clippers jaws and keep it into the leather case


Thick Toenails

Thick Toenails

Ingrown Toenails

Nail Beauty

Cut Fingernails

For the crowd

Men or Seniors

Women or Seniors




Stainless Steel

[Effective]RONAVO pedicure clippers with 4cr13 heavy stainless steel forging, high wear resistance, higher hardness, 0.32in large opening size, it can be easily put into nails, and quickly cut the disturbing thick toenails.Toenail clippers for thick toenails bring you a happy mood.
[Ergonomic]As the elderly get older, the nails are thickening, deforming, pathologically changing.their joints are no longer flexible, and it is more difficult for them to bend nail clippers to trim toenails. Toenail clippers for thick nails for Seniors are designed with a large handle, selecting non-slip tpr material, with non-slip recessed design with comfortable grip. Trim nails easily without bending, Podiatrist tools will be a good helper for every elderly person.
[Precise cutting]Toe nail clippers for men with oblique design deepens into the side of the nail, ingrown toenail clippers safely entering the narrow space to cut the ingrown nails precisely and easily and improve the thick toenails fungus.mens toenail clippers can be used by a right or left-handed adult.
[Product Upgraded]The fourth generation of large toenail clippers is designed with built-in spring, reducing the use of steps, while prolonging service life of heavy duty toenail clippers .Professional toenail clipper contains a leather case, protecting the tweezers from dulling and keeping conveniently.

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