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Pocketbook Touch HD 3, Metallic Grey

Price: $159.00
(as of Oct 23,2021 20:19:43 UTC – Details)

PocketBook Touch HD 3 is a high-performance and lightweight e-reader, water-resistant due to HZO Protection technology, with SMARTlight function, Bluetooth, and audio files support. The device with a 6-inch screen E Ink Carta supports 29 formats (book, graphic, and audio), which makes it a real record holder.

The multi-touch HD screen (1072 x 1448, 300 DPI) provides the highest contrast of the electronic page and provides users the maximum reading comfort.
Due to HZO Protection technology, the device is protected from the harmful effects of water according to the international IPx7 standard – the e-reader can withstand immersion in fresh water for 3 ft for up to 30 minutes.
The intelligent SMARTlight function provides the user with advanced options for adjusting the screen brightness. By choosing the appropriate color temperature level, you can make your reading experience more comfortable and eye-safe.
The e-reader can play audio files in 6 popular formats. With Bluetooth headphones, you can enjoy audiobooks or music while reading.
PocketBook Touch HD 3 opens files in 19 book and 4 graphic formats, which significantly expands the capabilities of readers and saves time spent on conversion.
The device weighs only 155 g and can even fit into a jacket pocket. It makes PocketBook Touch HD 3 an ideal gadget for reading anywhere and anytime.
16GB of internal storage for an impressive digital library that is always at hand.

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