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Magnefine 3/8″ Magnetic Inline Transmission/Power Steering Filter

Price: $25.95
(as of Sep 18,2021 12:05:53 UTC – Details)

NEW Magnefine 3/8″ Magnetic Inline Transmission Filter The 3/8” Magnefine Filter System by Magnefine Filters. The MAGNEFINE 3/8” filter extends the filtration spectrum to provide dual filtration that is designed to be completely effective in removing damaging ferrous metal particles from automatic transmissions and power steering systems. When the fluid passes within the effective range (5mm) of the powerful magnet, the MAGNEFINE filter quickly attracts all the hard damaging ferrous particles, even down to an incredible sub-micron level stopping the “chain reaction of wear”. (University test show removal of harmful ferrous metal particles to 99.9974%) The secondary filtration media, removes remaining non-ferrous materials (i.e. copper, aluminum, dirt, clutch material) The worldwide patented MAGNEFINE dual filtration filter is the only effective form of filtration that can provide dynamic small particle extraction while maintaining full line flow capabilities for automatic transmissions and power steering systems. EXTENDS TRANSMISSION SERVICE CYCLE continual cleaning of the transmission fluid actually produces cleaner fluid than the new fluid you put into the system. Major OEM’s recommend adding 10,000 miles to your service cycle with the use of the Magnefine filter. EXTENDS COMPONENT LIFE filtering out ferrous particles 3 microns and up will enhance component life by 7 times, according to Sayles and Macpherson. DESIGNED FOR EASY INSTALLATION easily installed on both hose and steel lines. SIMPLIFIES TRANSMISSION SERVICING No more dropping the pan to service the pan filter at your normal cycle. Pan filter servicing is recommended at 100,000 miles. Servicing may be accomplished by evacuation at the inline filter points or by draining. STOPS “CHAIN REACTION OF WEAR” Removing the ferrous particles in the 3 to 15 micron range with the powerful magnet, stops the wear and break down of the stabilizers.

Removes ferrous material down to 3 microns
Filters non-ferrous material to 25 microns
Simple Installation

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