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Liberty Lift 15″ Standing Aid and Handicap Bar with No-Slip Grip Handles 400 Lbs Weight Capacity As Seen On TV

Price: $29.95
(as of Oct 23,2021 02:55:26 UTC – Details)

Liberty Lift is a device that’s been designed to help anyone lift another person, such as an elderly relative or friend, up off of a couch, a chair or another similar seat. The black and blue device, which only weighs a pound, has handles on each side—a set for the lifter to hold and a set for the person being lifted. This polypropylene plastic device can be used both indoors and outdoors, and its operation requires no batteries or electricity.

How to Use
1. Grip the device and let the person to be lifted hold the opposite side of the device.

2. Once both of you are firmly gripped, you as the lifter will need to take a step backward.

3. Lift the seated person to a standing position.
COMFORTABLE NON-SLIP GRIP It is designed with an ergonomic comfortable textured handle that can handle any person’s hands in place without slipping and hurting.
PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT Liberty Lift is only about the size of a cutting board and weighs just a pound, making it easier for you to carry it in one hand and store it elsewhere in your home.
FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE While this device has been designed with at-home use in mind, you’ll also be able to use it in the car or outdoors. It’ll come in handy if you need to help someone get out of a car seat or lift them off the ground after they’ve sat down.
EASY TO CLEAN The device is made of special materials that are safe to wash, allowing you to safely clean or wipe it with any common household cleaner or industrial cleaning solution.

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