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Contour Gauge 2-Piece 10-inch & 5-inch Duplication Gauge With Lock. Easy to Use, Saves Time and Money in DIY Home Improvement and Professional Installation. Wide Design for Deeper Measurements

Price: $19.94
(as of Jan 21,2022 20:48:33 UTC – Details)

The 2-Piece Contour Gauge Set with Lock Mechanism and Wide Design

Want to give your DIY home improvements and professional installations an unprecedented, professional finish with less effort, faster completion, and cost savings?

The Ahaa 2-piece Contour Gauge with lock has been crafted for your accurate measurement and contour profile template creation, with a wider design for deeper measurements and a lock switch to lock in your measurements and easily transfer them to your tile, wood, carpet, linoleum, drywall or auto body. The pins of the tool slide easily but when you flip the lock switch, they freeze your measurements in place.

Because we thought of different ways and lifestyles by which you may want to use this template tool,

We have packaged 10.25” X 5.25” and 5” X 5.25” contour gauges as a set. For example, the kids may want to join in your DIY work around the home and use the smaller piece, or you may want to grab it for a quick trip to a work-site.

The high quality ABS plastic material of these shape contour gauge duplicators ensures that you will be using them for a long time, plus no scratching of your material when taking measurements, and no rusting of the tool. The bright colors of the duplication contour gauges ensure they won’t be lost in your garage. You may present the 2-piece set of Ahaa Contour Gauges as a gift too, as it comes in a colorful customized box.

This simple gauge makes a great difference and someone may have to restrain you from continuously doing projects just because you love seeing the results of using the tool. Invest in the Ahaa 2-piece Contour Gauge now and watch it become the most loved tool in your garage. Order now!

EASY TO USE: With easily sliding pins that ensure an accurate copy of any contour or shape, the Ahaa Contour Gauge tool requires only a gentle push against any surface to create a profile template for your Carpentry/Woodwork, Construction, and Auto body repairs. Flip the lock switch to lock in your profile or template.
SAVE TIME AND MONEY: No more cutting and re-cutting of tiles, carpet, wood or any material till you have wasted a lot of material and have to spend more money to buy more. Make a perfect shape profile using our profile gauge – get it right once and finish your DIY or professional installation in record time and within budget.
DIY INSTALLATIONS WITH PROFESSIONAL FINISH: With perfect cuts matching your cut-outs around door casings, pipes, pillars, or just a corner in the room that has an irregular shape, the measurement precision of this corner measurement tool will make your carpet laying, ceramic tile flooring/linoleum installation or drywall installation look like you are one of the craftsmen that built the great pyramids.
ACCURATELY OBTAIN DEEPER MEASUREMENTS: Our 2-piece 10 inches and 5 inches contour gauge with lock set are 5.25 inches wide with up to 50% extra measurement depth; compact 1/16-inch pins that make them sturdy, durable and accurate; lock switch that helps to lock in your accurate measurements, contours or profiles; dual centimeter and inch scales on both sides of the contour gauge tool for your easy and accurate measurements, no hassles!
THE AHAA SATISFACTION: We want you to look at your construction, installation or home improvement and go, ‘ahaaa’, in satisfaction. Experience the difference that the Ahaa Contour Gauge Duplicator tool brings to your DIY, home improvement or professional craftsmanship or get a full refund, guaranteed! Order now.

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