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Hair Finishing Stick, Small Broken Hair Finishing Cream Refreshing Not Greasy Feel Shaping Gel Cream Hair Wax Stick Fixing Bangs Stereotypes Cream

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Product Description

hair fellhair fell


Clear product suitable for all hair colors

Keeps hair dry and non-greasy

Small Broken Hair Finishing Cream is designed as a convenient solution for flyaways, baby hairs, and stray ends. It holds your hair perfectly in place using natural plant oils and helps you achieve your desired styles while strengthening and conditioning your hair.

Deep nourishing – nutrients attach to the surface of the hair and the damaged hair scales expand

Repair wool scales, supplement nourishing – nutrition essence deep into the hair core to fill the lock moisture and nutrition


1.Mainly for sporadic hair

2.Quickly Finishing broken hair, easy to use

3.Plant mild ingredients, do not hurt, easy to clean, no residue

4.The steps are simple and quick, saving time

5.Non-permanent products. Wash hair using shampoo can be easily washed

6.Similar mascara design, easy to carry







Broken forehead: Better finishing small forehead hair, clean and chaotic, not easy to loose Broken hair on both sides: The neat hair neat both sides Neck hair: Help keep the neck fresh, the summer is not hot

Strong and long-lasting hold,Keeps hair dry and non-greasy,Strengthens and conditions hair,Clear product suitable for all hair colors,Suitable for all ages

Made of Natural Plant Ingredients, Nature Elastic Hydrating, Not Greasy, natural and safe to use without stimulation.


【EASY TO USE】Dip the right amount and gently wipe to say goodbye to the broken hair, so that beautiful hair set and lasting.
【EFFECTIVE】Smear and gather all the broken hair to the hairstyle you want. The effect is immediately visible, making the hair dazzling
【MOISTURIZING】Finishing Sticks with moisturizing effect, it makes your broken hair shiny and smooth. Natural plant ingredients afford nutritional moisturizing better than those chemical products.
【EASY TO CARRY】Small lightweight and a lovely thing with you. You can carry them in a bag so that they can be used anywhere and anytime

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