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3-D Home Kit: All You Need to Construct a Model of Your Own Home or Addition

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The 3-D Home Kit lets you experience some of the work and rewards of being an architect, as you design and construct a detailed, three-dimensional model of your own house design. The kit includes complete poster-board materials from brick, stone, siding, roofing and decking to windows, doors, skylights, kitchen cabinets and appliances to construct a 1/4-inch scale model up to approximately 6,200 square feet or several smaller models. There are also poster-board materials for interior walls and stairs, plus an 18 by 24 inch Floor Plan Grid, and Scale Ruler & Roof Slope Calculator. Each sheet is 12 by 18 inches illustrated with a building material on one side and a 1/4-inch grid on the other side. The grid makes it easier to construct your model and the illustrations give the model realistic detail. Step-by-step instructions and seven house designs you can build are provided (if you don’t want to design your own). There are also several Youtube videos of 3-D Home Kit projects. Whether you’re planning a real or dream home, the 3-D Home Kit will help you develop your skills and imagination as you experience first-hand how architects, designers and engineers work (it’s challenging work). One user described the kit as ”like Lego┬« Architecture on steroids.”

Duke University’s ”Gifted Letter” awarded the 3-D Home Kit (along with the Home Quick Planner, also by Daniel Reif) top honors. The editor wrote, ”The planner and kit provide everything needed to design and build a model home… furniture, windows, stairways, and appliances, right down to the ironing board… and bring the user through the architectural process from idea to finished product.” If you enjoy architecture, the 3-D Home Kit is for you. Please upload photos of your model to this Amazon page. Thanks.

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