CZUR Shine Ultra Smart Document Scanner, USB Book Scanner with OCR Auto-Flatten & Deskew, Capture Size A3, Compatible with Windows & Mac OS

CZUR Shine Ultra Smart Document Scanner, USB Book Scanner with OCR Auto-Flatten & Deskew, Capture Size A3, Compatible with Windows & Mac OS

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Product Description



Shine Ultra Affordable document camera&Powerful Book Scanner

Shine Ultra work as a document camera which helpful for remote teaching&meeting. Tool which you could stay connected in a world.Both a super-portable and multi-tasking scanner.

Featuring our patented “curve-flatten technology”, auto-focus, auto page-turning detecting,it scan books even faster, with an incredible of 1 second per page, so scanning an entire book will only take you minutes. Along with a lot more features, this is your perfect scanning companion.


No more Flattening Pages By Hand

With our patented Curve-Flatten Technology, it automatically removes curvature and saves you the time-consuming awkwardness of flattening pages by hand.Along with other features including Correct Position, Multi-target Scanning, Remove Fingerprint, Smart Paging, Purify Background and more.


Convert Scanned Pages Into Editable Files

With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality, Shine Ultra enables you to transfer scanned pages into editable files including searchable PDFs, JPG, Word, and others, which elevates scanning possibilities to a whole new level. With over 186 languages supported, this powerful scanner gets it all done! Bring an entire library with you everywhere you go!

Compatible with Zoom







Used for remote working and learning

Compatible with Zoom,enables a user to instantly share screen. Allows you to annotate, highlight, scroll or click on the screen, enabling you to demonstrate the items on display.

Widely used by individuals, students and working professionals for online teaching&meeting. Screen sharing solutions is a way to stay connected.

Handy tools like Snapshot, Video Recording, and many more can be supported.

How to share CZUR software screen on Zoom

1. Open CZUR software → Click “Scan”. Make sure your device can run normally as you could see the screen with things that you are going to share or view.

2. Open Zoom and Joined or started a meeting.

3. Selecting Integrated Camera instead of CZUR’s Camera on Start Video module.

4. Click “Share Screen” on Zoom and select “CZUR Shine” screen for sharing.

Using Annotation tools while screen sharing

Zoom’s annotation tools allow you to type text and make draws, shapes and lines, and stamp or spotlight.Drag the sharing material by your mouse if you want to move it. Also use mouse wheel to zoom in.

Remarkable combination between elegant design and versatility


Shine Ultra with various function meet all your needs.

Shine Ultra is made of Aluminum. Featuring auto-focus,detecting technology plus a super handy foot pedal for hands-free operation. Alongside with compactness comes a ton of features which eventually reduce our work and facilitate our living.

Not only it can scan pages without any effort, but it can also take pictures too. It serves the purpose of a lamp too with two LED lights provided on its panel. The device has a speed of scanning one page each second. That means you can scan an almost 300-page book in just a matter of minutes.

The device also supports video recording, enabling one to display something on a big screen rather than just showing it on a small scale. This feature can be helpful in meeting, classrooms and conferences.

Video recording Adjustable Height AI Optimization Portability Solid Unibody Construction


It works with everything you need to scan in your life

Besides books and documents, it can also scan a wide range of things, such as your ID, passport, receipts, stamps, bar codes, QR codes, even your kids’ first drawings and toys.


Up to A3 Coverage

Shine Ultra Book Scanner handles whatever document you need to digitalize, even as large as A3 format. Scan exam papers, blueprints, magazines, catalogs, and even large books without a problem.


Upgraded Auto-Flatten , Fingerprint Erasing& Smarter Tilt Correction

Simply lay the book under the camera, open and hold down book edges with your fingertips. Smart processing flattens the curved page while recognizing and cropping your fingers from the final scan. Your file is perfectly straight and finger-free every time. No matter how randomly your document is placed under the camera, the CZUR’ s software will easily correct it.

book scannerbook scanner

Shine Ultra Book Scanner-your perfect scanning companion.

CZUR Shine Ultra is extremely powerful book scanner, its portable size will amaze you. Weighing only 1 kg, and with its compact size, this is easily the most portable scanner on the market. Take it with you anywhere work takes you, – library, office, coffee shop, airport lounge, home, wherever!




book scannerbook scanner

Design & Speed: Work with Windows XP,7,8,10 AND macOS 10.11 or later , macOS 10.13 or later recommended.Designed for A3&A4(11.69*16.53 & 8.27*11.75 inch) document, any objects smaller than A3 size can be scanned with Ultra-fast scanning speed, less than 1 second per page. Perfect device to scan books or papers.
Patented Flattening Curved Book Page Technology: Shine Ultra applies CZUR’s latest technology to flatten the 3D curved surface after pixel transformation to complete flattening of the book page.
USB Document Camera & Scanner: Work as both a document camera for remote teaching&learning compatible with ZOOM, Goole Meet, Skype and a document scanner to scan papers and convert/OCR files. Able to scan 180+ languages and convert to JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel and TIFF powered by ABBYY
High Resolution & AI Tech: CMOS 13MP (4160*3120, A4≈340 AND A3≈245 DPI) camera. Smart Paging and Auto Cropping, Combine Sides, Stamp Mode, and Multiple Color Modes
Height Adjustable & Portable: 2-level height adjustable neck. 90 degree foldable and lightweight 4 lbs with foot pedal for convenient operation.1-year warranty is included

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