Bintense Review – Exchange Crypto With An Authorized Brand

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Introducing Bintense

Bintense is a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides a next-level experience in our view. At the time of writing, the platform offers both Bitcoin and Ethereum, working efficiently, securely and conveniently. This company seems to have great potential to become a major crypto exchange.

Bintense logo

Moreover, this is an authorized crypto exchange headquartered in Lithuania, which means that they take customer financial security very seriously. Keeping all of this in mind, we decided to check out what it has to offer in greater detail.

Crypto exchange features

In terms of cryptocurrency coverage, Bintense supports only the two major coins. These are leading coins in terms of daily exchange volumes and we must say that it is good news to see that this platform supports both.

Bintense exchange features

When you buy crypto with Bintense, it’s possible to use a simple credit card payment or a wire transfer. With credit cards, the exchange receives the funds faster and can proceed to send the tokens to your wallet immediately. Bank wires, on the other hand, take a little longer to process. Bintense completes the exchange as soon as it receives your funds, at the best market price. 

You need to be aware, though, that the exchange does not offer crypto wallets or any other storage services. It will ask you to provide a wallet address of your own prior to setting up an exchange transaction on its platform. 

Account types

Both private and corporate clients are welcome to join Bintense. The company is aware that there is fierce competition in the market, and that’s why its exchange platform operates very fast. You want to buy the crypto at a certain price, and you don’t have time to wait for technicalities.

exchanging crypto with Bintense

The account opening process is intuitive, and that is a good thing to know if you have no experience with exchanging crypto. Their customer support also stands out, and users can contact an agent via email, phone, or the live chat feature available on the website. 


When you open your account on Bintense, pay attention to some differences you should be aware of. In terms of KYC procedures, private and corporate clients need to upload a different set of documents when completing verification. Bintense asks for a series of digital copies of documents like your ID and utility bills, to adhere to the highest standards set by law.

However, if you wish to exchange small amounts of fiat into crypto, there’s no need to upload a lot of documents. In fact, as the volume of your purchase increases, so does the number of documents you need to present. No worries, though, because your information is stored securely and nobody has access to it. 

Final thoughts

We think that Bintense can be named a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform. thanks to the conditions it offers its customers. You have access to Bitcoin and Ethereum via a user-friendly interface. Additionally, you are allowed to pay using a credit card or bank wire and benefit from competitive market rates. On top of that, Bintense is an authorized crypto exchange, which means you have a trusted partner at your back. 


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